Adding Panacea Radio to your TuneIn app

Step 1.


Open your TuneIn app and go to the “Favourites” tab (1a) and then tap “Add Custom URL” (1b)

Step 2.

Enter the custom URL below into the search or add URL field (2a) and tap “Search” (2b)


Once you have inserted the correct Panacea Stream URL, select it and the station will automatically start streaming on the TuneIn App

Step 3.

Tap on the heart icon (4a) in the upper right hand corner of the TuneIn App and tap on “Favourite Station” (4b).

Step 4.

Enter “Panacea Radio” for your custom stream (5a). Whenever you want to listen to Panacea Radio, open the TuneIn App, click onto favourites and Panacea Radio will be stored. Click on it and listen to Panacea Radio.