Advertise On Panacea Radio

Panacea Radio has some opportunities for advertisement. We have a weekly audience in excess of 6,000 listeners (Based on a survey conducted in April 2020). Panacea Radio aims to be the home of Jazz Funk and Smooth Jazz in the UK, with a welcoming tone that makes our genres welcome to all.

We have the mission to make the great music we play more accessible and relevant to our targeted modern audience.

Our audience like to do more than just listen. They love the integration through social media, calling the studio and entering our competitions.

The sales department at Panacea Radio are dedicated to helping your brand develop a more effective connection with the listeners on Panacea Radio.

For more information about advertising on Panacea Radio, please complete the form below. A member of the Panacea team will contact you within 24h to discuss.