Joanne Cooney


Joanne is a very gifted Spirit Medium and has a focus on Angel Card Readings and Mediumship. She has 15 years experience to which this enables her to use Mediumship on many levels to converse spirit loved ones on the other side.

Joanne works both Clairaudience and Clairsentantly enabling her to speak to spirit through guides, and your loved ones bringing proof of afterlife using validation through personal messages to you, providing evidence that your loved ones are still here within the spirit world, guiding and watching over us.

Joanne has a very diverse following and a client base to match. She has conducted readings and live events over the last decade and generates a lot of work through her Facebook page. You can view her page by clicking here.

Joanne has now joined the team at Panacea Radio for the Monday evening show ‘Spiritual Medium Monday’. Joanne will be taking your phone calls for live telephone readings. Please refer to our schedule to see the dates that Joanne is on air.