Rachel Beavan


Rachel is a Spirit Messenger who is able to see, hear & feel your deceased loved one. Rachel is able to speak directly to your loved ones for you bringing forth validation & personal messages to you, providing evidence that your loved ones are very much alive on the other side. 

Rachel was trained at the famous Arthur Findlay College. It was here that she was fully able to understand and utilise her natural ability for Mediumship & where she made the conscious decision that she would dedicate her life to spirit and helping others. Rachel trains people of all levels. The more experienced Mediums & Healers are now practicing in the profession. 

​For almost twenty years, Rachel has used her gift providing guidance, reassurance & messages of love. Her natural warmth and compassion combined with astonishing evidence throughout her readings have established her as the foremost Medium in Dubai over the last 15 years.  Rachel works closely with healing to assist others with physical illness.

Rachel never ceases to astonish with the messages she brings forward from the spirit world, & with over 10,000 readings to date, her experience and capability are second to none.  ​

Rachel has loyal clientele who return time & again.

Rachel has now joined the team at Panacea Radio for the Monday evening show ‘Spiritual Medium Monday’. Rachel will be taking your phone calls for live telephone readings. Please refer to our schedule to see the dates that Rachel is on air.

For more information about Rachel, visit www.rachelbeaven.com