Rob Lees


Rob Lees has been a DJ since his early teens. His first time introducing a record on air was on BBC GMR back in 1999. He has presented on a number of radio stations and has an interest in the ‘engineering’ side of things.

Rob was a mobile DJ for 15 years, performing in venues all across the UK. Rob has a full time job working as an airline pilot, currently flying a Boeing 757 for a leading UK airline.

Rob has an extensive knowledge of all genres played on Panacea Radio and is a keen collector of 12″ singles. Being an international airline pilot, Rob regularly trawls through record shops worldwide, finding more music to add to his collection.

Rob currently presents Soul Sensations on a Wednesday, Thank Funk It’s Thursday on a Thursday, Out On The Floor on a Saturday and The Hottest Top 30 on a Sunday.


Q1. What are your top 5 favourite records?
Phyllis Hyman – You Know How To Love Me
Advance – Take Me To The Top
Change – Let’s Go Together
Brothers Guiding Light – Getting Together
Eugene Record – Overdose Of Joy

Q2. Who are your top 5 favourite artists?
Gladys Knight
Phyllis Hyman
Peabo Bryson
Marvin Gaye
S.O.S Band

Q3. What are your top 5 favourite record labels?
Tabu Records