The Northwest's number one station for Jazz Funk, Rare Groove, Soul and Smooth Jazz

Welcome to Panacea Radio. We are the Panacea for Jazz Funk, 80’s Soul and Smooth Jazz for the North West. Panacea Radio has a team of experienced, highly skilled DJ’s playing 24/7. The DJ’s on Panacea Radio hand pick the very best of music to keep you hooked on Panacea Radio. They play a variety of classic Jazz Funk to Soul, Rare Grooves and Smooth Jazz. Panacea Radio welcomes you to get involved with the station. You can request your favourite tracks by contacting the presenters via their respective pages.

Panacea Radio operates uninterrupted and advert free, 24 hours a day. We have a global team of fantastic presenters and are constantly adding new shows to the programme.

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Launched in 2020, Panacea Radio is designed to replace traditional terrestrial stations (FM/AM). Jazz Funk and Smooth Jazz rarely feature on any terrestrial channels, which makes Panacea Radio the number 1 station to hear this great music. Panacea Radio knows that there are millions of people that love the music that we play, being Jazz Funk and Smooth Jazz. Panacea Radio gives the people a station to tune into.

So what makes Panacea Radio different? Panacea Radio has an excellent team of presenters. We play music 24/7 but with presenter dialogue, interaction and weekly competitions. Panacea Radio is one of the biggest internet radio stations playing Jazz Funk and Smooth Jazz, attracting thousands of listeners weekly.

Many people as “Where did the name Panacea Radio come from”. Well, we wanted to create a ‘remedy’ for those that enjoy this great music, hence the name ‘Panacea’.